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The Holcomb Family Tree includes such illustrous ancestors as Charlamange, William the Conqueror, and the ancient House of Troy.

Between 1189-1192 Sir John de Holcombe was knighted by Richard I (The Lion Heart)for beheading 3 Turks with one swipe of his sword during a battle in Palestine in the 3rd Crusade. He is buried in Dorchester Abbey, Oxfordshire, England. 

Sir John's father is believed to have been Walter de Holcombe. Sir John's g-g-g-great grandson was named John also and he married Isabel Down who was a descendent of William the Conqueror.


According to THE HOLCOMBES' GENEALOGIES AND BIOGRAPHIES by Elizabeth Weir McPherson, our earliest known ancestor is William Holcombe (III) who was born in Pembokeshire, Wales before 1660 and was the son of William Holcombe (II) Mayor of Pembokeshire. William III was in King William County Virginia before 1685 when he signed a petition asking to elect a new vestry in St Stephens Parish. He was paying quit rents in King and Queen Co., Virginia on 700 acres in 1704. Record list him as a Chirgeon (surgeon). William had 4 sons, the youngest of whom was Richard.


Richard Holcomb along with 3 of his brothers, Benjamin, John and Joseph left Virginia and moved to Granville Co., North Carolina, with their cousin Grimes Holcombe. Richard had 5 sons one of whom was John Holcombe.

John Holcombe was born in 1720 in Prince Edward County, Virginia and moved with his father and family to NC as a child. About 1763 he moved his family to the "96" District, what is now Union County South Carolina "near the Piedmont Frontier. Holcomb branch flows into John's Creek, water of the Enoree river between the Broad and Saluda Rivers". John had 8 children, one of whom was John II.

John Holcombe II was born before 1775 in "96" District SC. He served in the American Revolution under Col Thomas Brandon. In 1805 he purchased land from John Hubbard in Franklin County, Georgia and signed his will on Nov 7, 1846 as "John Holcombe of Lumpkin Co., GA of advanced age". John had 7 children the youngest son being Solomon P Holcomb.

Solomon P Holcomb was born in 1805 in Georgia and married Elizabeth Ray in 1823, in Habersham Co., GA. They had 8 children. They moved from Georgia to Clark Co, Arkansas with their family sometime before 1850.  The youngest of the children was William Mindett Holcomb 

William Mindett Holcomb of Alabama, married Mary Ann Godwin in Hot Springs, Arkansas in 1860. They moved to Texas after the Civil War and settled in Fannin Co. William served with Monroe's regiment, 1st Ark Cav during the Civil War



William and Mary Ann's son Truman Alvin was quite a character.  Always fun loving and with a very dry and subtle sense of humor.........as can be seen in the photo taken on the occassion of his marriage to Cora Martin .  His son by Elizabeth Lawson (Wardie) is of course shown in the photo along with the family dog.  This in itself is humorous by the standards of the time.  But if you will look closely you will notice something strange with the dogs face.

 YES!!!!  He's wearing glasses




Darrell Holcomb and Rita Ownby married in 1972, but their's was not the first union of the Ownbys and the Holcombs. 

In the early 1870's America Elmira Holcomb married John Marion Ownby in Georgia.