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Crest of Sir John Cheke
Crest of Sir John Cheke
Crest of Sir John Cheke
Sir John Cheke
Mottistone Manor
Cheek Tavern Sign
Cheek Tavern Robertson Co TN
Jeremiah Cheek Land Marshall Co TN
Edward W Cheek
Mary L Ownby Cheek
Rev D W Cheek
Edward Mortimer Cheek
Lillian Brown Haley
Kena Cheek Knox Ownby Shirley Cheek


Our first known Cheek ancestor is Jeremiah Cheek who was born in 1775 in Orange Co, NC. He married Tabitha (perhaps Doyle) and they had 10 children. His wife's first name and their children are well documented from his will and estate papers. Jeremiah and Tabitha settled in Bedford/Marshall CO, TN where he died in 1823.

Jeremiah's father has not been proven and there is much speculation amongst Cheek researchers that he is the brother of Jesse Cheek who also migrated from NC to TN. Their children share the same names and the close proximity of their settlement and deaths seem to point toward their being related.  DNA testing has been done on the Cheek name and my last information seems to point to James Burney Cheek as Jeremiah's Father.

Jeremiah Cheek was born 1775 in Orange Co., NC, and died Aft. July 04, 1823 in Bedford (Marshall) Co., TN/Bedford Co., TN. He married Tabitha Doyle Bef. 1789. She was born in NC, and died 1832 in Bedford (Marshall) Co., TN/Marshall Co., TN.

Will of Jeremiah Cheek:
State of Tennessee
County of Bedford
July 4, 1823
"-------------After committing my soul to God, I will that so much of my estate as will lay my body
decently in the grave, will be appropriated for that use, and after my just debts are paid after my
decease, I will that the stud horse be sold. I also will that the children who are now single, when they
marry receive in proportion to those who are now married. The following property to wit: 1 horse, 1
cow and calf, 1 bed and furniture. I also will that my beloved wife, Tabitha Cheek, after above division
made, to have balance of my estate during her natural lifetime, or widowhood. I also will that after her
death or marriage that all the estate be sold and divided equally among my children __________"
Signed: Jeremiah Cheek X

In 1833, a law suit regarding sale of Jeremiah Cheek's estate. (Court records in Chancery Court
Records 1833, pages 147, 148, 149, 150, 151) Suit filed at Shelbyville, Bedford Co., TN)
Jeremiah's son-in-law, Edward B Ownby had offered $1500 for some of the property. They cautioned
people not to let Edward B know the sale date because the person they wanted to sell it to was going to
pay only $800-900 and they wanted this second person to be the higest bidder. Later those folks, who had told people not to notify Edward B of sale, filed affidavits swearing they had not tried to keep Edward B from acquiring the property. 

Children of Jeremiah Cheek and Tabitha Doyle are:

    Edmond R Cheek born 1788 in NC, and died February 06, 1876 in Dallas Co., MO. He married Susannah Ownby July 10, 1812 in McMinnville, Warren Co., TN, daughter of Walter Ownby and Mary. She was born 1791 in
NC, and died November 09, 1876 in Dallas Co., MO.

    Thomas Doyle Cheek, born Bef. 1790; died Unknown.

    Nancy Cheek, born Bet. 1790 - 1800; died Unknown. She married Arthur Alexander; died Unknown.

    Patsy Cheek, born Bet. 1790 - 1800; died Unknown. She married Unknown Kavern; died Unknown.

    Jeremiah Lee Cheek, Jr, born 1793; died Unknown. He married Mertie Perthine Ownby; born Bet.
1794 - 1800; died Unknown.

    Elisha "Eli" Cheek, born January 23, 1795; died Unknown. He married Susannah Bills; died Unknown.

   Mary Jane Cheek born 1797 in Orange Co., NC, and died 1827 in Lewisburg, Marshall Co, . TN. She married Edward B "Neddy" Ownby 1815 in Robertson or Sumner Co., TN, son of Walter Ownby and Mary. He was born August 13, 1792 in Mecklenburg, Orange Co NC, and died October 30, 1865 in Huntingdon, Carroll Co., TN..

    Tabitha Cheek, born December 23, 1803; died 1873.

    Benjamin R Cheek, born 1812 in NC; died 1865 in Verona, Marshall Co., TN.

    James Cheek, born October 22, 1814 in Halifax Co., VA; died November 09, 1891 in Dallas Co., MO.



Along with heros, we also look for the bad guys in your family history.   Before we found the DNa connection with James Burney, there were a few of us who really hoped that Elisha Cheek of Robertson Co, TN was amongst our branches.  Who knows he may be, but no proof is forthing coming. 


Here's the story on Elisha and his Tavern:

"In 1799 Elisha Cheek, with whom is connected one of the most thrilling incidents in the history of the county, settled on Red River, near the Sumner County line. Cheek, though an octoroon, had a white wife, and brought several slaves with him from Virginia. He purchased about 400 acres of land, upon which he built a mill and distillery, and living upon the road leading from Louisville to Nashville, he kept a hotel known as "Cheek's Stand." Many traders, laden with the proceeds of their sales in the shape of Spanish milled-dollars, returned from New Orleans by the overland route. The trip was a perilous one, as the country was infested with highwaymen. On Cheek's land was a cavern, said to be unfathomable, descending perpendicularly from the surface into the bluff. On a certain night the dogs of the neighborhood set up a terrific barking and howling, and in the morning they were found around the cavern. Attempts to drive them away only increased their excitement. They would occasionally go home for food, but would immediately return. Among them was a strange dog that never left the spot. On the twelfth day the commotion ceased, and the dogs returned to their homes. Upon examination the strange dog was found to be dead. It was believed by many that a trader had been murdered by Cheek, and that his body had been thrown into the cave to conceal the crime, as a man riding a horse with a dog following had been seen near Cheek's place on the night when the disturbance [p.833] began. A superstitious dread of the cave existed from that time forth, and it was asserted that the ghost of the murdered man had been repeatedly seen in that vicinity, and that Cheek, for several years before his death, never ventured from his house after dark."  HISTORY OF ROBERTSON CO.